Poshmark Sharing Tool

per month
Poshmark Sharing Tool allows you to cut your sharing time in less than half and is Poshmark approved.
Closet sharing is a key part of successful sales for Poshmark sellers. Sharing is time intensive and tedious, yet very important. This tool reconfigures your screen in order to allow easier, faster, and more efficient closet sharing.
Poshmark Sharing Tool has three modes: party, speed, and no scroll. You are able to share to parties, share to followers, and share without having to move your mouse (just clicks).
You still click to share each item manually; therefore, this tool is in compliance with the rules of Poshmark. Since you are still the one doing the sharing, this is in no way automation or a bot. Keep track of what items you have shared and your total shares easily. Each item’s share button bar changes to pink after being shared and there is a star count in the bottom right corner that keeps track of how many items you’ve shared in that sitting. (See video for demo).
This tool is sold as a Chrome browser extension, making it easy to use and accessible for all users with Chrome. Please visit our website https://www.wisesolutionsco.com for a demo/tutorial video. Please email us at info@wisesolutionsco.com with any questions.